Most of us have at least one favorite sport we watch and follow. We have our favorite teams which we try to encourage by going to see them performing. This love for sports seems very difficult to explain. Nonetheless, if you think a little deeper, you can see this is a rather natural thing.

We are built to enjoy movement and action. However, many of us are stuck in a chair for eight hours a day, five days a week. Besides, we sit in our cars while commuting to and from work, so there’s no wonder we feel the urge to move or at least to watch some movement on the TV screen.

Besides, humans are competitive. We enjoy competition in everything we do. We compare ourselves to our neighbors and friends, with our colleagues and bosses. We like to win. This is why sports are so fascinating for many of us. We watch those athletes striving to win local or international competitions, as we feel as if a part of us competes with them. We are proud of our sportsmen. Whenever they win an important match or they break a world record we feel pride and excitement. It’s like we’ve managed to break that record, ourselves. We feel sorry for athletes who fail, especially if they belong to our city, state or country.

This fascination for watching sports is actually a positive thing. It makes us encourage our children to practice various sports since young ages, hoping they are going to seek performance later on in life. People who live active lives are healthier, this is a proven fact already. This is why it’s good we want our children be active, and this is also why many people in their middle age start practicing various sports. You don’t have to be a top performer to have fun and feel happier and healthier. All you need is to discover your passion for a certain sport, and then find a good trainer to teach you the basics. From this point on, you are always going to find people who share your love for that sport, so you are going to be able to practice it as much as you want. Sports are part of our life, whether we live in crowded cities or on remote farms. This is why so many kids decide to embrace a sport career, and try to reach the top of their chosen discipline.